Our webinars and conference recordings provide a wealth of information on autoimmune hepatitis and related health topics.

2021 AIH Conference

Our online national conference included talks on diet, the new AIH treatment guidelines, and the latest AIH research.

2019 AIHA Conference

Our 2019 Patient Support and Education Weekend featured talks from hepatologists and other health-care experts.

Pediatric Patients

At our 2019 Patient Support and Education Weekend, we offered presentations for families with pediatric AIH patients.

Battling AIH Symptoms

Learn some tips for dealing with common symptoms of AIH that occur outside the liver, including poor sleep, anxiety, and fatigue.

2021 AIHA Conference.

AIH 101: What to Expect as a Newly Diagnosed Patient

From common medications you’ll take and possible side effects to the regular lab work your doctor will order and questions you should ask, Dr. Tess Bittermann from the University of Pennsylvania breaks down what you need to know as a newcomer to AIH.

The Latest AIH Research

Dr. Craig Lammert from Indiana University presents a collection of important AIH studies that have been published this past year and explains what these could mean to the care of patients.

AIH Treatment Guidelines: How Are They Created, and Why Do We Need Them?

Did you know that the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases publishes guidelines to help doctors diagnose and treat patients with AIH? Dr. Cara Mack from Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, explains what has changed in the new guidelines published recently.

Dietary Supplements including Milk Thistle and Turmeric: Can They Help AIH, and Do They Have the Potential to Cause Harm?

Dr. Victor Navarro from Einstein Healthcare Network shares more about supplements, the potential risks involved, and what patients should do if they want to try them.

2019 AIHA Conference.

2019 Autoimmune Hepatitis Research Update

Dr. David Assis, hepatologist at Yale, reviews the most recent data and current clinical studies involving autoimmune hepatitis.

What Your Liver Function Tests Mean

Dr. Eric Orman, hepatologist at Indiana University, sheds light on the different liver tests that your doctor uses to diagnosis, treat, and understand your autoimmune liver disease.

Who Done It? How Did I “Catch” Autoimmune Hepatitis?

Dr. Craig Lammert, hepatologist at Indiana University, reviews the current thinking of why autoimmune hepatitis occurs and how genes and environment are to blame.

Bugs, Guts, and Butts: Microbiome in Patients with Liver Disease

Dr. Andrea Shin, gastroenterologist at Indiana University, reviews the microbiome of the gut and how it may play an important part in liver disease, including autoimmune hepatitis.

Battling AIH Symptoms.

Lessons Learned from IBD: Diet Studies, Inflammation, and Quality of Life

Dr. James Lewis from the University of Pennsylvania shares research in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), another autoimmune condition, and explains how these learnings could potentially be applied to AIH.

The Mediterranean Diet: Putting IBD Research into Practice

Alec Smith, a registered dietitian and owner of Feel Good Nutrition and Fitness, shows how to put IBD nutrition research into practice by exploring the Mediterranean Diet.

Mindfulness: Awakening the Richness of Life

Dr. Shelley Johns from Indiana University reviews how using mindfulness can help AIH patients cope with chronic symptoms.

Chasing a Good Night’s Sleep

Dr. Cindy Brown from Indiana University discusses what we know about sleep and sleep disorders in autoimmune hepatitis.

CBD Oil and AIH

Frank Puglisi, Pharm. D., reviews the current data about possible ways CBD could help AIH patients.

Nutrition and Exercise: A possible role in Autoimmune Hepatitis?

Alec Smith, registered dietician and certified strength and conditioning specialist, discusses the role of diet and exercise as a means to help control inflammation and symptoms associated with AIH.

Pediatric Patients.

My Child Has AIH.
What Happens Next?

Dr. Dania Brigham from the University of Colorado explains what your family can expect and how this disease impacts pediatric AIH patients for the long-term.

Supporting Pediatric Patients
and Siblings

Dr. Elizabeth Christofferson from the University of Colorado provides some resources and information so parents can support not only their child affected by AIH but siblings as well.

Transitioning Children with AIH from the Pediatric to the Adult Hepatology Clinic

Dr. Jean Molleston, pediatric hepatologist at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, reviews important aspects to consider when planning for the transition of children to adult hepatology clinics.

AIH in Children: What to Expect

Dr. Girish Rao, pediatric hepatologist at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, reviews AIH in children, approaches to their treatment, and what families/patients can expect.

Coping Strategies for Parents and Their Children

Dr. Elaine Gilbert, a pediatric psychologist at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, discusses strategies for parents and children to cope with the challenges of having a chronic disease.