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Battling AIH Symptoms

Learn some tips for dealing with common symptoms of AIH.

AIH 101

Review the basics of this rare disease, and learn how it’s typically treated.

Latest Research

Stay up to date on the most recent AIH treatment trials and other research.

Pediatric Patients

Check out our presentations for families with pediatric AIH patients.

Battling AIH Symptoms

Current Understanding and Treatment of Fatigue

Craig Lammert, M.D., from Indiana University, discusses fatigue, one of the most common symptoms of AIH and one that can dramatically impact daily life.

Therapeutic Use of Acupuncture

Ying Wang, M.D., Ph.D., from Indiana University, shares the benefits of acupuncture.

Sleep Medicine: Building a Foundation for Good Sleep

Stephanie Stahl, M.D, from Indiana University, discusses ways to promote better sleep.

Exercise, Diet, and Nutrition for the Liver Patient

How important are diet and exercise to patients with AIH? What should patients eat to better promote liver health, and how can diet play a role? Drs. Astrid Ruiz Margain and Ricardo Macias from the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Mexico City shed some light on these topics.

Lessons Learned from IBD: Diet Studies, Inflammation, and Quality of Life

Dr. James Lewis from the University of Pennsylvania shares research in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), another autoimmune condition, and explains how these learnings could potentially be applied to AIH.

The Mediterranean Diet: Putting IBD Research into Practice

Alec Smith, a registered dietitian and owner of Feel Good Nutrition and Fitness, shows how to put IBD nutrition research into practice by exploring the Mediterranean Diet.

Mindfulness: Awakening the Richness of Life

Dr. Shelley Johns from Indiana University reviews how using mindfulness can help AIH patients cope with chronic symptoms.

AIH 101

AIH 101: What to Expect As a Newly Diagnosed Patient

From common medications you’ll take and possible side effects to the regular lab work your doctor will order and questions you should ask, Tess Bittermann, M.D., from the University of Pennsylvania breaks down what you need to know as a newcomer to AIH.

AIH Boot Camp: A Workshop for Newly Diagnosed Patients

Learn more about autoimmune hepatitis and its symptoms and treatment in this webinar led by Craig Lammert, M.D.

The Latest Research

AIH: The Latest Research

Ethan Weinberg, M.D., from the University of Pennsylvania, shares more about the latest research in AIH.

New Treatments on the Horizon

Craig Lammert, M.D., from Indiana University, gives an overview of treatments currently available for AIH and provides a look at what new treatments are being considered for this rare disease.

The Latest AIH Research

Craig Lammert, M.D., from Indiana University presents a collection of important AIH studies that have been published this past year and explains what these could mean to the care of patients.

A Closer Look: Clinical Trials and the PORTOLA Trial

Dr. Noreen R. Henig, Chief Medical Officer at Kezar Life Sciences, presents an overview on the design, execution, and importance of clinical trials to develop better ways to treat diseases and also gives information on the new PORTOLA trial, a clinical trial of a potential new treatment for autoimmune hepatitis (AIH).

The Future of Imaging to Predict Liver Inflammation

Madi Wagner from Perspectum presents about Perspectum’s new LiverMultiScan, a noninvasive MRI scan that can be used by doctors to help determine patients’ liver health.

Pediatric Patients

The Healthy Liver for Pediatric Patients

Kyla Tolliver, M.D., from Riley Hospital for Children and Indiana University, provides the do’s and don’ts to keep livers healthy in the pediatric population.

Natural History and Outcomes of Autoimmune Hepatitis in Children

Dr. Chaowapong Jarasvaraparn, M.D., a pediatric hepatologist at Riley Hospital for Children and Indiana University speaks about autoimmune hepatitis in the pediatric population.

Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Care

Mary Ciccarelli, M.D., from Indiana University School of Medicine, shares important elements to help pediatric patients (and their families) successfully transition to adult care.

My Child Has AIH.
What Happens Next?

Dr. Dania Brigham from the University of Colorado explains what your family can expect and how this disease impacts pediatric AIH patients for the long-term.

Supporting Pediatric Patients
and Siblings

Dr. Elizabeth Christofferson from the University of Colorado provides some resources and information so parents can support not only their child affected by AIH but siblings as well.

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