Patients often have questions about whether autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) can be successfully treated and how. Learn more about this highly treatable disease.


Immunosuppressants decrease liver inflammation and help prevent additional liver damage by guarding against further destruction of liver cells. Once medication for AIH is started, liver tests typically return to normal within a few months.

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Discontinuing medications.

Many patients are able to come off steroids completely; however, some may need to remain on low doses in addition to long-term immunosuppressants. Many patients will remain on medication for the rest of their lives, but up to half may be able to stop taking long-term immunosuppressants after a couple years of treatment.

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Alternative treatments.

Many patients ask about alternative treatments including supplements such as CBD oil, milk thistle, turmeric, as well as vitamins and diets. In fact, published data from AIHA members suggests that a number of AIH patients have tried these approaches with variable success.

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Unfortunately, there have been no studies conducted of specific diets in the treatment of AIH. The AIHA is actively working to start a diet study to learn more about what dietary changes could possibly help improve AIH.

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