School Support

Learn how caregivers can advocate for their AIH patient at school.

School Support

Sharing information about AIH every year with school personnel can be exhausting. This AIH guide is intended to help caregivers and patients communicate with educators, school nurses, school staff, administrators, coaches, and extracurricular activity leaders. It can be printed or emailed as it currently exists, or it can be personalized.

Does your child qualify for extra assistance or accommodations through a 504 or an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) in school because they have AIH? Keith Butler, senior attorney with Indiana Disability Rights, shares more about the options available to help children and teens in school, college, and beyond in their careers.

Educational Stories

It can be difficult to explain autoimmune hepatitis to elementary-aged children. This social story, an educational resource on AIH for your child, can be read online or printed and read aloud to your child. It would be helpful to periodically reread it with your child, as comprehension changes with age.

AIH pediatric patients may be absent from school frequently for appointments. These absences may make some elementary-aged children anxious. It would be helpful to print out this social story and read it each time your child is going to be absent from school to help remind them that it is OK to be away. Make it part of your routine before attending doctors appointments.