Support Groups.

Connect virtually with other AIH patients and their families, and find support.

Find a Group.

Support groups provide a much-needed place for people with autoimmune hepatitis to connect and find support. At support group meetings, patients learn and gather strength from one other and occasionally hear from experts. Each support group participant has the opportunity to share their journey with the disease, ask questions, and support other patients.

Our current virtual support groups include:

  • Newly diagnosed patients
  • Caregivers of pediatric patients​
  • Midwest
  • Northeast
  • Southeast
  • West Coast
  • Young adults
  • Male patients
  • Teen mentors

Please email us if you’d like to attend an upcoming meeting.

“I found the support group really helpful in this time of COVID-19 and extreme isolation. Thank you!”
— support group attendee

Support groups do not have a business relationship with the Autoimmune Hepatitis Association (AIHA) nor are they agents thereof or endorsed explicitly by the AIHA. The AIHA accepts no responsibility for any liability, costs, or encumbrance incurred by support groups. Support groups, while not affiliates of the AIHA, should still be mindful that any information or general advice provided to members does not constitute medical or legal advice and such input should always be solicited from professionals.

Support on Facebook.

In addition to our public Facebook page, the AIHA has a private group on Facebook, which serves as a place for us to provide education, resources, and organizational news. It also gives patients a chance to connect with one other. Join now.


Lesley Oran, an AIH patient, shares her story of being diagnosed with AIH, how she connected to the Midwest Support Group (which now meets virtually due to COVID-19), and why she decided to attend the 2019 AIHA National Conference.